Welcome to Shinigami! The House that Awesome Built - (2008-01-22)
We are one of the oldest, longest running, and most respected guilds on Dunemaul. Basing our collective values on generosity, maturity, a willingness to sacrifice for the greater good, and a committment to excellence & class in all of our relations has enabled such longevity & renown. We have conquered many of the deep mysteries and seemingly insurmountable heights of PVE raiding (e.g. 10-man,25-man, and 40-man instances) through our eagerness to learn, fortitude in adversity, and great zeal at toppling obstacles. In PVP as well, we've attained high honors from our dedication to self improvement, determination to succeed in an honorable fashion, and perseverance in following through until the goal is achieved. Throughout our storied history together, we've become a very loyal and tight-knit family, a home within a home of sorts, and as such, strive in every way to represent each other in the most dignified & considerate means possible. Dedication to such principles has gained us many friends outside of Shinigami as well, because we value respect for others above and beyond achievement. That is not to say that we do not have a great deal of pride in our accomplishments, which we do; but moreso, that our true strength lies in our humility, genuineness of character, propensity for advancing our fellows regardless of personal cost, and generosity of heart.

Recruitment is open to all classes at present provided you have read, understood, and agree to the values & policies contained within our guild charter. If you desire forum access to view our charter and/or create an application, please:

**Note: As of 3/9/11, forum registration is by appointment only, please contact a guild officer in-game or via email in order to create a new forum account.

1) Complete the registration procedure for the forums (please keep your forum name and in-game character name the same);

2) Notify an existing Shinigami guild member of your interest and/or intent to apply (they will forward your request to an officer);

3) Upon validation of your forum access request, read our full charter and if in agreement, follow the template in the Guild Applications category to submit your application;

4) Allow two weeks for a decision to be made (during which time we will attempt to contact you in-game for potential tryouts).

It is recommended, should you wish to apply, to seek out our current guild members in-game for partying/instancing to give credence to your abilities & character as these actions will significantly improve your chances for acceptance. Thank you for your time and "good skill" in your endeavors.

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